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hear about us

City Harvest Church
MJ Zone
Ex GT Zone-ers
Shepherd: Qiaofen
formed on 031206 (:
our vision: To be a group of youths leading victorious lives, walking in word, unity, love and purity yet relevant to the world and an influence in the marketplace with the gifts and talents in our hands.


Caizi Clarence Edwyn Gabriel Gengting HuiLing Ivan Karen Kangning Lily Miaoru Michelle Qiaoru Shengda Shirlene Siewting YiQin

the happenings

5 Nov: Shirlene's Bdae
7-8 Nov: Weekend svc with Pastor Robbfont>
9 Nov:MJ zone overnight prayer meeting
14 Nov: Sub zone Sports Fiesta
22 Nov: Michelle's Bdae
28 Nov: Hui Ling's Bdae
28-29 Nov: Water Baptism

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Hey guys there are some problems with the current blog..
Here's the new blog site still undergoing revamping:
Please relink :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

e432 Highlights:

1) Cell group meeting will be on THURSDAY instead. Place to be confirmed. Please make arrangements and make sure you can come for CG this week.

2) Christmas is coming up in about a month's time. Let's start preparing ourselves and get ourselves pumped up and ready for christmas. Our cell group will be having activities and party for christmas..so please feel free to voice out your suggestions and offer your service if you can. =) let's work tgt to make this year's christmas a fun and fruitful one!
Here are some ideas e.g. Carolling, xmas party etc that some of you have given..

3) Do start inviting your friends for christmas and start praying for those friends on the prospect list. Prayers is the start of all breakthroughs!! =D

4) Please note the next zone overnight PM will be on 23 Dec..There are already members who have leave off to go for the OPM! So if you have not, do try to make arrangements to go for this round.. Let's try to go for this OPM tgt as a cell group!! You will be blessed and it's gonna be FUN!! =) Let's pray tgt!!

E432..Let's build up our spirit man..Let's not just talk the talk but let's walk the walk..
We live a victorious christian life together!! =)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

e432 Highlights:

1) Zone overnight prayer meeting is coming up tml, Mon,9th Nov, 9pm - 3am at Riverwalk.
Let's all put in effort, step out of our comfort zone to come together to pray. Let's not just be termed 'christian' who are only enthusiastic about having fun, but when it comes to PM we run away.
Let's not just do things only at our convenience but let's all begin to step out of our comfort zone and come together to pray, especially for those of us who have not been to any zone PM and OPM..
Let's be christians of standards..
Once again, remember, BREAKTHROUGHS only come through PRAYERS!

Will you sacrifice & take some time off your busy schedule and your sleep for your GOD?
Matthew 26: 40-41

2) Cell group meeting will be on as usual on Friday, 730pm at Edwyn's house. Let's come with a new mindset, expectant to receive. Members who are not able to attend CG will have to go for MCG. =)

3) There will be DS this coming Sat, 330pm SHARP at coffee bean. Please try to reach by 315 and not be late as it's a long walk from the MRT. Come with an open heart =)

E432, let's not slacken and get complacent in our walk with God! Let's not stop here!!!! Keep moving on.. =D

Hebrews 10:36
" For you have need of endurance, so that after you have done the will of God, you may receive the promise"

Last but not least, an offical warm welcome to YI QIN to our E432 BIG family..
May you continue to grow and flourish in your walk with God!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

e432 Highlights:

1) Cell group meeting will be on THURSDAY, 730pm, place to be confirmed. Please make the neccessary arrangments =)

2) Pastor Robb Thompson will be preaching this weekend. Let's invite our friends down to join us for a great time and let's come ready for an impartation.

3) MJ zone overnight prayer meeting will be coming up on 9th November, 9pm-3am at riverwalk. Let's all come together for a great time of prayers. Prayers is the key to breakthroughs.

4) Water Baptism will be coming up on the 28-29 Nov..If you have not been through water baptism, do consider going for this!! It's an experience that you will always remember. Sign up with your coordinators or QF today!!!

5) If you have not paid your tithes for the month of October and November, please remember to do so this coming week..Let's begin to sow into the kingdom of God.

6) If you have not paid your cg fund, please pass it to Shengda this coming weekend.

Have a great week ahead =)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

IMPORTANT UPDATES as of 28 Oct 2009

1) There WILL BE CG MTG this week...
We will still need to prepare the activity " God is ____" to present this week. So please get ready..

2) There will be a sub zone halloween party after service this saturday at expo conference room.
Dress code: Black and White ( halloween feel) feel free to dress up
Things to prepare: A treat or trick
Let's invite our friends and have FUN tgt..
Start inviting today! =)

If you need clarifications, please look for your cgcs or qf..

Sunday, October 25, 2009

e432 Highlights:

1) Cell group meeting this week will be on Thurday, place to be confirmed. For cell group this week, the theme will be " God is __________. " Everyone is to prepare and do a 3mins (max) presentation to the cell group..It can be presented in any form (e.g Skit, Drawings, Songs). So please do come prepared for an exciting and interesting time. Come ready to pull down the presence of God! =)

2) Miao Ru will be performing at NUS this coming friday at night. Let's all go down to support her! =)

3) We will be having a halloween theme this coming service. We will all have to come dressed in BLACK & WHITE, with a halloween feel..We will also be having a halloween party after service on sat at the conference room..So invite your friends down for a FUN time..
For this party, everyone is to prepare a Trick OR Treat( e.g chocolates,candies)..
For more details, please check it out with your coordinators or qiaofen =)

4) Please remember to give your tithes if you have not done so for this month.

5) Photos are all uploaded on facebook so go check it out there!! =)

E432..it's been a great week of fellowships and FUN..
In the midst of having fun, let's also not forget to include God in our life..
We gotta keep coming back to the heart of worship..
We are not just people who just concerned with having fun..but we are also great prayer and spiritual warriors for Christ..
Keep pressing on!!! =)))

Last but not least, HAPPY BIRTHDA IVAN!!!! =)

Monday, October 19, 2009

e432 Highlights:

1) We will be having cell group fellowship, this coming thursday, 22 October at Dhoby Ghaut for dinner and B&J's ice cream. We will meet 645pm at Dhoby Ghaut MRT ( Red line exit )..Please let your coordinators know whether you will be going.

2) Cell group meeting will be on as usual on friday, at edwyn's house. Please reach by 730pm..Come ready for another exciting time..

3) Edwyn will be having his badminton match this coming saturday at queenstown in the morning..if you are free, let's go down together to support him..Edwyn jiayou!!!! =D

Last but not least..
a WARM WELCOME to all the students who are back with us after exam...
GREAT JOB ppl!!! =)))

Also, it's Gabriels's birthday today!!

Btw, some photos taken at east coast have been uploaded on facebook alr..go check it out there! =)

okay cya guys on thursday..
have a great week ahead! =))
Keep shining and pressing on even during times of trials
We are all more than conquerers in Christ!

Monday, October 5, 2009

e432 highlights:

1) Cell group meeting will be at 730pm at edwyn's house this coming friday. We will continue with our group competitions during cell group meeting. So please remember the verses for the wordpower competition. Let's come ready for an exciting time..=))

2) Morning and evening prayer meetings will be coming up once again from 12 -16 October..Let's try to go for all 5 days..Do mark the dates down and come down for a great time of prayers.

3) MJ zone will also be having a series of overnight prayer meetings over the next few months. Dates to be confirmed.

4) Let's all be faithful in attending our bible study whether mass or personal. For those who have not been having BS, please do approach your coordinators or qiaofen.
Also, please remember to scan your IC whenever you go for mass BS and inform miaoru whenever you had BS so that it can be keyed into the system.

4) Many students in our cell group are having exams starting this week till next week..Let's really pray for them and encourage them..

Cai Zi: PSLE from 7-12Oct
Gengting: End of year exams from 8-13Oct
HuiLing: Nlvls from now till 12 Oct

Students...JIAYOU!!!!!!! You can do it!!!!!
Philippians 4:13

5) Ivan is organising a KTV outing for the cell group this coming Thursday. The room has already been booked. We'll meet 6pm at Paya lebar MRT then go for dinner. The singing session will start at 7pm.
Please confirm your attendance with him asap if you have not done so.. so that he can make the necessary arrangements...
For more details pls contact Ivan =)

6) Here's an update what some of you guys discussed during fellowship and wanted:
18 October: Cell Group cycling fellowship outing to East Coast Park
Pls feel free to make suggestions..
Please confirm your attendance..
24 October: Edywn will be having a badminton match on 24 October at MDIS.. Let's mark this date down and support EDWYN!!!!!